Theaters Are Just as Great as When I Was a Kid

Quite recently I attended the theater. It was the first time I had gone in almost a year and a half or two. I was impressed that it had actually been so long, but it really had. I suppose a lot of people my age don’t get around to visiting the theater too often anymore.

It’s a shame really. I recall the magic of the theaters when I was a kid. My family or friends would go with me at least once every other month. Sometimes it was far more than that. But again, at the very least I’d make it to the theaters about 6 times a year. Nothing was off limits so long as you had a friend, family member, or significant other to accompany you to the theater.

Heck, in high school and early college, I remember the number one money saving trick of all: to bring your own candy boxes in with you. Back in the day when I was young enough, my parents would buy whatever candy we wanted while in the theater. But when I was old enough to start buying my own admission, I didn’t quite have the cash to also blow on candy and popcorn, especially with how expensive it can be at theaters.

So what my friends would do was go to the store with me beforehand to buy a few candy boxes for far cheaper. Then, they’d stuff them at the bottom of their purses to sneak in so that we could eat it inside. And no one else around us would be the wiser about our candy from “outside.” It allowed us to save quite a bit of cash and not worry about the money we’d be spending on popcorn or drinks instead. While it wasn’t much that we saved in total, it was enough to warrant upgrading to a larger popcorn or getting two drinks instead of one. We took our small wins when we could get them.

Overall, visiting the theater is and really was an experience in itself. Obviously there are many things which have replaced the trend of going to theaters, but that doesn’t encapsulate the experience that a theater can do for you.


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